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 What I Do

Leadership Coaching

I help both established and emerging leaders to find their own compelling voice as they face the challenges of a restless commercial world.

Team Building

I help teams to work better together through opening up to each other with empathy and honesty.


I help those who feel marginalised to regain their confidence and realise their value as individuals and colleagues.


I help those leading change and going through change to manage fear and cope with ambiguity.

Bids & Pitches

I help people to nail their deals when they raise investment, or sell services and companies.

Speeches & Presentations

I help to put the right stories out there and make sure they land with the audience.

Boards & Interviews

I help people to be themselves under pressure and tell their story in a way that’s engaging and memorable.


I help people to face the media with confidence and clarity in their messages.

Great life is all about great relationships

Quote of the week

The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.

George Bernard Shaw - -